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What happens when Hong Kong meets Tehran?

We wanted to create something unique - a place where you can walk in and get a consistently great coffee, a carefully-curated selection of wines, and a plate of food you won’t find at your typical cafe or wine bar.  To create our menu we paired Australian classics like toasties with twists on Hong Kong street food like our Tornado Egg Omelette and slices of rich Persian Love Cake.  During the day, our space is light, open, and easy-going.  You can find a quiet spot to savour your coffee or bring the team for a morning meeting.  In the evening the feel is elegant but unpretentious.  We’re here to help you get to know the menu and find the perfect beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.  You can enjoy a quiet drink at a table for two or make some new friends at our communal table.  Whatever you’re after, we’re here to make you feel at home.  

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